About Us

Ever since Eve nibbled on that forbidden fruit, adventurous women have indulged their fringe desires.  Now, with the curiosity of a tempted Eve, and the wherewithal of a contemporary creative, founder Michelle Maxwell has curated a collection of the world's most exquisitely seductive lingerie and accessories, Fringe Desires, meant for today's savvy adventuress, you.

Fringe Desires celebrates the provocative art of underdressing.  From all over the globe, Michelle has selected an array of delectable intimates, many handmade, and all from the lushest fine materials.  Her inspiration is the stuff of every sensuous woman's desires - to be mistress of her own passions, beguiling, beautiful, sexy and sublimely comfortable in whatever fantasy role she may play.

As a Fringe Desires collector, you can be assured that, although our items are fantasy-inspired, in reality, each piece is impeccably made - delicate to the touch, yet strong enough for play.  From lacy, racy little underthings and naughty-nice accessories to pleasurable body art, the Fringe Desires collection is elegant erotica for wear and play, some subtle, some bold - but all so very, very sexy.  Explore.  Enjoy.